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Senior Director, Operations


Core Strengths

  • Class Action
  • Discrimination
  • Employment
  • Legal Notice
  • Wage & Hour

Mark Patton

After 28 years serving as Director and Senior Director of Operations at Settlement Services Inc. (SSI), Mark Patton has retired from the role. He will however remain available on an ad hoc basis to support SSI in any way that he is needed.

Mr. Patton has more than 28 years of hands-on experience managing more than 500 settlement and claims administrations involving a total of more than 2 million class members and more than $1 billion in disbursements. Over the years he has developed particular expertise that centers upon notice and claimant communication, and frequently partners with clients to coordinate and finalize the design and content of notice documents that serve as a successful driver of claim rates. He also manages SSI’s calculation, issuance and dispersal of claimant funds.

Mr. Patton has remained at the forefront of the design and management of claimant databases and software utilized to process claimant information according to SSI’s rigorous quality assurance standards in order to ensure accuracy and cost efficiencies. He has also played a key role in coordinating and designing phone and data entry support systems, as well as SSI’s recordkeeping systems.

Profile Details


  • University of Oregon, B.S., Political Science
Landmark Cases
  • Augst-Johnson v. Morgan Stanley
  • Bruner v. Sprint United Management Company; Lipnick v. Sprint United Management Company; & Almonte v. Nextel of New York
  • Beck v. Boeing
  • Hammond v. Lowes Home Center, Inc.
  • Satchell v. Fed Ex
  • Tucker, et al. and EEOC, et al. v. Walgreen Company
  • Washington Public Employees Association v. State of Washington and Shroll, et al. v. State of Washington