SSI has successfully performed a broad range of services in a wide variety of cases nationwide. Over the past three decades we have managed settlements with a cumulative value of more than $1 billion.

Title VII

SSI has extensive experience in administering Title VII settlements. Our unique experience in this area means that your settlement is efficiently administered by staff with actual knowledge of the legal principles and underlying law applicable to the settlement, thus ensuring the accuracy of claim form review, phone support, and other services.

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  • Womack v. Dolgencorp, Inc., d/b/a/ Dollar General
  • Boord v. FBI
  • EEOC v. Home Depot
  • Carter v. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC & Wachovia
  • EEOC v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Cogdell v. The Wet Seal, Inc.

Wage and Hour

Settlement Services, Inc. has extensive experience in wage and hour cases.

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  • Davis v. Armed Forces Bank, N.A.
  • Buccellato v. AT&T Operations, Inc.
  • Cancilla v. Ecolab, Inc.
  • Christofferson v. The United States
  • Knispel v. Chrysler Group, LLC
  • Creal v. Staffing Solutions Southeast, Inc. d/b/a/ Prologistix
  • Hosier v. Mattress Firm, Inc.
  • McClaran v. Carolina Ale House Operating Company, LLC
  • Cordero v. New York Institute of Technology
  • Rivet v. Office Depot, Inc.
  • In re: Pilgrim’s Pride Fair Labor Standards Act Litigation MDL
  • Khait v. Whirlpool Corporation

Strip Search Cases

SSI is well-equipped to handle the unique issues that arise in cases alleging unlawful strip searches of detainees. Involving SSI early in the settlement process for these cases will ensure issues regarding notice and class member identification are appropriately addressed in the settlement documents and claim form.

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  • Haney v. Miami-Dade County
  • Smook v. Minnehaha County
  • Leyba v. Santa Fe County Board of Commissioners


SSI’s experience with cases involving various allegations under ERISA and related laws makes us uniquely qualified to handle the complicated factors that need to be taken into consideration in these types of cases.

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  • Nichols v. Diebold Incorporated
  • Douglin v. GreatBanc Trust Co., Inc.
  • Sherrill v. Premera Blue Cross
  • Womack v. Dolgencorp, Inc., d/b/a/ Dollar General


Other Class or Collective Action Administration Experience

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  • Wolfe v. Grange Indemnity Insurance Company
  • Rogers v. Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
  • Hunter v. First Transit, Inc.
  • Lara v. New Mexico State University
  • Walker v. Donahoe, Postmaster General, USPS
  • Hill v. United States Postal Service