Notice Services

  • CAFA Notice

    The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 included a requirement that the United States Attorney General and certain state officials of any state in which a class member resides be provided certain information about a potential settlement prior to that settlement being finally approved. Enlisting SSI’s assistance in complying with this requirement can simplify the process, especially when dealing with a large class with residents in multiple states.

  • Case Website Administration and Development

    SSI can quickly and economically create a website devoted to your case, at which class members can obtain case-related information and read and/or download case-related documents. Updates, changes, and additions to your website can be made immediately by your case manager, ensuring the class receives immediate notification of settlement-related information. In addition, SSI can design your website such that class members can confirm receipt of their claim form via the website.

  • Class Notice

    SSI provides all varieties of class notice services. Whether your case calls for notice via mail, email, website, publication, media, or some combination thereof, SSI’s experienced case managers will ensure your needs are met. SSI utilizes the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address database to ensure class member addresses are updated to their most current so that as many class members as possible receive notice. We also provide translation services to effectuate notice to class members in their primary language.

  • Tracing/Locating Assistance

    SSI can conduct traces to obtain updated address information (and other potentially helpful information such as phone numbers, place of employment, date of birth, etc.) via both the U. S. Post Office's National Change of Address ("NCOA") database and through private vendors and typically can provide the tracing results within 24 hours. SSI is able to offer the tracing service at a very low per-person cost.