Wage and Hour

Settlement Services, Inc. has extensive experience in wage and hour cases. Representative cases include:

  • Bruner v. Sprint United Management Company; Lipnick v. Sprint United Management Company; & Almonte v. Nextel of New York—SSI was appointed administrator in these cases against Sprint, consolidated in the U.S. District Court in Kansas, alleging improper calculation of time worked by call center employees. SSI’s duties included interpreting and processing employment-related data provided by the defendant in order to calculate class member awards for, collectively, a class of nearly 14,000; facilitating notice mailing, processing claim forms, and establishing and administering a Qualified Settlement Fund in order to issue checks and tax forms to qualified claimants.
  • Hammond v. Lowes Home Center, Inc. — SSI was appointed administrator in this FLSA settlement alleging unpaid overtime and minimum wage compensation at Lowes.  The specific details of this settlement, including the settlement amount, were confidential.  SSI's duties included facilitating notice mailing to over 58,000 class members, reviewing and processing consent-to-join forms, and establishing and administering a Qualified Settlement Fund in order to issue checks and tax forms to those who opted in to the settlement. 

Other representative wage and hour cases include:

  • In re: The Pep Boys Overtime Actions (FLSA) Administrator
  • Foster v. A&P, (FLSA) Litigation Support
  • Bickar v. UPS, (State Wage) Administrator
  • Kemper v. Rent-A-Center, (FLSA) Administrator 
  • Norfleet v. Perdue Farms, Inc., (State Wage & Hour) Administrator
  • Owens v. GEICO, (FLSA) Administrator
  • Remsberg v. Kmart Corp., (State Wage & Hour) Administrator
  • Tillman v. GEICO, (State Wage & Hour) Administrator 
  • Tokar v. GEICO, (State Wage & Hour) Administrator
  • Williams v. Sprint, (FLSA) Administrator