Strip Search Cases

SSI is well-equipped to handle the unique issues that arise in cases alleging unlawful strip searches of detainees. Involving SSI early in the settlement process for these cases will ensure issues regarding notice and class member identification are appropriately addressed in the settlement documents and claim form. Representative strip search cases handled by SSI include:

  • Haney v. Miami-Dade County— SSI was appointed administrator in this $4.5 million settlement involving a class of women who were allegedly improperly strip-searched prior to their first appearance after arrest in Miami-Dade county for crimes that did not include violence, drugs, or weapons. SSI’s duties included facilitating notice mailing to a class of approximately 7,000 women, processing, reviewing, and scoring claim forms to determine award amounts, and other efforts necessary to locate class members and verify identity.Click here to see a testimonial from Class Counsel Randall Berg.

Other representative strip search cases include:

  • Smook v. Minnehaha County
  • Leyba v. Santa Fe County Board of Commissioners